Sample Homework Contract

This is a sample of a contractual agreement between the student and the parents. Please review, sign, and keep for your records.
If you have any questions please discuss with the teacher or healthcare provider.

This contract is between

_________________________ (the student) and

_________________________ (the parents).

The student agrees to:

  1. Bring all homework home from school.
  2. Do a minimum of _____ minutes of homework each day. If there is no assigned homework, that time will be spent studying notes or reading the textbook.
  3. Do only homework during that time. No TV, loud music, games, or phone calls are permitted during homework time.
  4. Start doing homework at _____ p.m. daily.
  5. Finish homework by ______ p.m. daily.
  6. Ask the parent for assistance when needed.
  7. Not argue about any aspect of homework.

The parents agree to:

  1. Provide a quiet, uninterrupted place for homework to be done. No TV, loud music, or phone calls are permitted in the same room. All other children not doing homework will be kept occupied elsewhere.
  2. Provide the necessary tools for doing the assignments.
  3. Provide transportation to the library or other places to assist in homework completion.
  4. Be available to assist during homework time.
  5. Not DO the assignments for the student, but help by quizzing, prompting, showing the student where and how to do research, etc.

This contract is to be reviewed every _____ months.

Signed _________________________ (the student)
Date __________

Signed _________________________ (parent)

Signed _________________________ (parent)

Date __________