Children Spelling out KIDS

School Staff Development

Some kids have difficulty in school for reasons that may be difficult to define. Recognizing these factors enables educators to address them, and to ensure optimal individual success, as well as improving AYP. Learn More
Connected Kansas Kids (CKK)

Provides information about physical and mental health diagnoses to education professionals, health care professionals, child care providers, clergy, athletic coaches, scout leaders, and others interested in learning how to support the needs of this population of children and adolescents. Currently, 60 presentations are available, at no cost to participants, for staff development, paraprofessional training, CEUs, student learning and to interested community members. Learn More

CKK Presentations

Serious physical or mental health concerns in a child or adolescent affects the whole family, as well as the entire community. Child care providers, clergy, scout leaders, coaches, activity directors and many other partners are encouraged to participate in CKK presentations. Learn More

Information for Parents

Whether your child is an infant, school age child or an adolescent, there are likely issues that you are concerned about related to his growth, development and education. There are ways to ensure that your child’s unique and individual needs are addressed. Learn More