Staff Development

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CKK presentations are designed to meet the needs of educators, health care providers and students throughout the state of Kansas. If you are seeking educational opportunities on specific health topics, please let us know. We will attempt to identify experts from the University of Kansas Medical Center community who can provide information and presentations on your areas of interest.

School Staff Development

students need support.

Every student should have the opportunity to be successful at school. However, some kids have difficulty in school for reasons that may be difficult to define. These challenges may affect the child’s school achievement, and, therefore, may affect a school's adequate yearly progress (AYP). Recognizing these factors enables educators to address them, to ensure optimal success for the individual, and therefore improve AYP.

We provide educational programs on more than 60 topics, including chronic physical or mental health conditions; the grieving child; the bully and the bullied; depression, anxiety and stress; and many others. These presentations are geared toward anyone who deals with students including teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, school nurses, social workers, school psychologists, and even PTAs. They will help you recognize students who may be affected by these issues and what to do to help them. Presentations are available to schools, community health care providers, and other interested individuals and groups. There is no cost for these 60 minute presentations, and each interactive televideo is scheduled at a time convenient to your group. Presentations may be scheduled singly, or two or more topics may be combined into a half-day or full day of inservice programming.

Educational Programs for Other Interested Organizations

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To borrow from an old African proverb, it takes a village to care for a young person with a serious illness. Significant physical or mental health concerns in a child or an adolescent affects not only that person, but also the whole family and even the entire community. Child care providers, clergy, scout leaders, coaches, activity directors and many other partners are encouraged to learn about these issues.

Educational presentations are offered via interactive televideo. In rural or remote areas of the state, these ITV programs may be viewed at the local library or community hospital. As of August 2010, we have more than 60 staff development programs available.

Please see the inservices listed on this page.Also, please peruse the extensive list of topics, and feel free to contact Dr. Kathy Davis, CKK Project Manager, at (913) 588-6305 to arrange a presentation tailored to fit your needs.