ADHD clinic in TeleKidcare®

See the TeleKidcare ADHD Clinic Brochure in pdf format.

The purpose of TeleKidcare's ADHD Clinic is to use school-based videoconferencing to increase early identification of ADHD symptoms that might impact academic performance.

TeleKidcare Clinic

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  • The child, family and school personnel meet with the KUMC team through interactive televideo in the school nurse's office
  • The joint treatment team, which includes a psychologist and a developmental pediatrician, work with the family to evaluate the child's needs and to give treatment recommendations
  • The initial visit usually lasts 90 minutes, while subsequent visits range from 30 to 60 minutes
  • Parents and school personnel might be asked to participate in an ongoing research study to evaluate their experience in the TeleKidcare clinic

Did you know ...

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  • About three to seven percent of school-age children have ADHD
  • Symptoms of ADHD include fidgetiness, hyperactivity, poor attention, difficulty following instructions, forgetfulness, difficulty completing tasks, talking excessively, difficulty taking turns or waiting, interrupting others' conversations
  • If untreated, kids with ADHD often experience anxiety and can develop depression
  • Kids with ADHD are at higher risk of injuries
  • Remember: ADHD can be caught early and it is treatable!

The TeleKidcare Clinic

TeleKidcare works with many different kids who are feeling frustrated with their school work, are starting to get bad grades, or are having trouble at home. Meeting with the team just means that you are interested in ideas about how to help yourself and your child.

If you are concerned about your child's safety or that of another person call crisis or emergency services (911).

Holding hands. The telemedicine team meets with the child, caregiver and school professionals to get a clear picture of the physical, psychological and social factors that may influence the child's behavior and mood. This may be scheduled through the TeleKidcare clinic.

Depending on the concerns, we might work with the family in therapy, assist with medication, refer the child to another professional, or explore other available options.

The TeleKidcare ADHD clinic will collaborate with the child's other health providers and with school advocates. In life, there are no "quick fixes". Working together as a team, however, life for your child will improve.

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