The purpose of the TeleHelp program is to increase early identification of depressive symptoms that may adversely impact academic performance.

TeleHelp Services

    Depression hurts.
  • Training school leaders and staff in early detection of depressive symptoms and related concerns
  • Online resources to support children and loved ones at the Connected Kansas Kids Web site
  • Telemedicine consults with an interdisciplinary team

Training Sessions

TeleHelp can work with you to tailor informational programs for your school's individual needs.

  • Day-long depression workshops at the University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Two- to Three-hour educational sessions for school staff concerning youth depression
  • Educational sessions of any length on diverse subjects, such as depression, educational compliance with "Section 504" and "IEP" requirements, and bullying behavior
  • Brief talks, lasting about of 15 to 30 minutes, outlining the TeleHelp program and how we can serve you

Did you know ...

    Depression hurts.
  • By age 18, about 20 percent of youths will experience a depressive episode
  • Symptoms of depression include changes in mood, energy, concentration, sleep, eating and social relationships
  • Children with depression are often very grumpy or irritable, and many have physical complaints
  • Untreated depression causes poor concentration, which results in:
    • increased school absenteeism
    • school failure
    • poor daily work
    • decreased test performance
  • Chronic illness, traumatic experiences, and injuries often go along with mood symptoms
  • Anxiety, ADHD, learning disabilities and other mental health concerns often coexist with depression
  • Social stressors, such as teasing, can set the child up for depression
  • Losses and other significant changes (death, moving, divorce or abuse) may play a part in depression
  • Suicide is the third leading case of death at puberty. The rates are increasing among younger kids
  • Remember: Depression can be caught early, and it is treatable!

PowerPoint Presentations

Other Resources

To schedule a presentation, please contact
Dr. Eve-Lynn Nelson or her project assistant at
(913) 588-2226