Quick Answer: Can paraplegics get pregnant?

How can a paralyzed man have a baby?

Many men with spinal cord injuries are unable to ejaculate and therefore require medical assistance to procure sperm for fertility purposes. Some methods assist ejaculation to obtain semen, while others bypass ejaculation and retrieve sperm surgically.

How do paraplegics poop?

This condition is also known as reflex bowel. Lower motor neuron bowel results from injury below T-12 that damage the defecation reflex and relax the anal sphincter muscle. When the bowel fills with stool the sacral nerves try to send a signal to the spinal cord to defecate but the injury disrupts the signal.

How do you make love in a wheelchair?


  1. The partner with limited mobility moves their wheelchair to the edge of the bed or sits in a chair.
  2. The other partner lowers themselves on top of the bottom partner so their back faces the other partner’s stomach.
  3. The person on top rests their arms and upper body on the bed while thrusting.

Can men with spinal cord injuries have children?

Spinal cord injury (SCI) occurs most often in young men at the peak of their reproductive health. The majority of men with SCI cannot father children naturally.

Are all paraplegics impotent?

Paraplegic men who have lost reflex activity from the genital area are, therefore, treated as irreversibly impotent. However, the innervation of the male reproductive system suggests that two neural pathways innervate the genitals.

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How do paraplegics pee?

Life without bladder control

People living with spinal cord injuries empty their bladders with the assistance of a narrow tube called a catheter. The device is slid into the bladder several times throughout the day to drain urine from the body.

Do paraplegics have control of their bowels?

With a spinal cord injury, damage can occur to the nerves that allow a person to control bowel movements. If the spinal cord injury is above the T-12 level, the ability to feel when the rectum is full may be lost. The anal sphincter muscle remains tight, however, and bowel movements will occur on a reflex basis.

Do paraplegics have to wear diapers?

With successful bladder and bowel management, paraplegics can virtually prevent all accidental urinary or bowel discharges; it is however another option for the patient to wear undergarments such as diapers to further protect from bladder or fecal incontinence. Some prefer diapers for the comfort level they provide.