Parent Skill #8 — Continue normal expectations and require your child to take responsibility at home, at school and in life

Doing homework.

"Normal" is a word that keeps cropping up in this section. The quest for normalcy will enable your family to continue to grow and flourish during this challenging time. just as with limits and discipline, responsibility must remain as consistent as possible for your child. Chores, homework, helping grandparents, babysitting and other activities are all critical to your child's normal growth and development.

Doing homework. As your child faces health challenges, the struggle to maintain identity will intensify. Your child is not a diagnosis or an illness, but rather a living, breathing human being, and must be recognized as such. Just as you can be "defined" by your work, friends and activities, your child needs a stable home environment to provide the foundation for identity and growth.

Continuing your normal expectations can help strengthen that identity. Household chores, homework, helping others, and maintaining friendships and enjoyed activities will all encourage growth.

Doing homework.

Naturally, judgment must be used in assigning chores that the child with a chronic illness can do successfully. School work should be tailored to meet the student's physical abilities, while ensuring key educational goals are met. Discipline and setting limits should enter into the picture if the child does not take responsibility seriously. Parents should also remember to acknowledge and offer praise for chores that have been done well.

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