Your question: Do I need to tell my orthodontist I’m pregnant?

Is it OK to adjust braces while pregnant?

Having orthodontic devices put on or adjusted generally doesn’t require any anesthesia or other medication, so this is perfectly safe during pregnancy. An orthodontist may recommend a dental extraction before beginning treatment in some situations, which usually requires some form of anesthetic and pain management.

Why do I need to tell my dentist Im pregnant?

Inform Your Dentist

They’ll let you know what dental care you should get done and what elective care can wait until later. They also might have special instructions or cautions for you. You should also let them know about any medications you’re on, as well as prenatal vitamins that your doctor has given you.

What week does morning sickness start?

When does morning sickness start? If you’re one of the many pregnant women who experience morning sickness, you may start feeling nauseous somewhere around the sixth week of your pregnancy, typically two weeks after your first missed period. Symptoms can appear gradually, or seem to happen overnight.

Can my dentist tell if I’m pregnant?

Aside from pointing out the evident cavity or stained teeth, dentists can tell if you are sick, highly stressed, and even pregnant!

What can a dentist do while pregnant?

Your dentist may recommend routine dental work like fillings, root canals or having teeth pulled. These treatments are sometimes needed to reduce the chance of infection and are generally okay during pregnancy. Along with treatment comes the need to reduce any associated pain.

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Can pregnancy ruin your teeth?

Pregnancy can lead to dental problems in some women, including gum disease and tooth decay. During pregnancy, hormones affect gums and teeth. Brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and visiting your dentist will help keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible during pregnancy.