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Genetics sites

  • DNA From the Beginning
    Multimedia primer on the basics of DNA and heredity. Key concepts are presented separately but also viewed as a continuous story of science. Linked to each concept are multimedia elements that allow the user to discover the experiments and people behind the concept. The program is a resource for school classes, projects and reports, online courses and tutorials, and adjunct information for genetic counselors and health care professionals.
  • High School Human Genome Project
    Classroom opportunities to virtually analyze sequence data obtained by high school students as part of the Project (HSHGP). Sequence data generated by collaborating HSHGP classrooms is collected, compiled and added to the nationwide effort to obtain the complete DNA sequence of the human species. The HSHGP website supports these efforts and offers sufficient past data and software to allow online participants to read, compile and analyze student-generated DNA sequence data for themselves, while learning about the Human Genome Project.
  • Human Genome Management Information System - Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL)
    Human Genome Project (HGP) goals, progress being made, benefits of genome research, careers in genetics, and the ethical, legal and social issues surrounding the availability of genetic data. Information includes applications of information and technologies derived from the HGP and Technical Human Genome News. Information is geared toward nontechnical audiences as well as scientists, social scientists, and medical and legal practitioners. features include:
  • Natural History of Genes, Director for Science, Genetic Science Learning Center - Two related sites:

As with all things on the World Wide Web, please be careful.

  1. Never give out any personal information. That means your last name, your parents' names, your school, your address and your email. Even your birthday.
  2. Select your online friends carefully. Just because someone says he want to be a friend doesn't make him worthy of your friendship.
  3. We aren't saying everyone on the web is mean. Most people are nice. But remember, it only takes one creep to really ruin your day.
Above all, let your parents know what you are doing online and who your friends are.